Telling their stories
Children are always brimming with stories.
The club is a space that invites children to tell their stories. They talk about their experiences in family, school and locality. They unpack their restlessness, dilemmas and dreams.

Researching and writing Locality
The children play the role of a listener and interlocutor to people in the locality. They research facets of life in their neighbourhoods and express them in their writing practices. The themes of their exploration are varied – world of work and livelihoods, networks of friendship and support, tales of migration, shared spaces, health and illness and many more.

Circulating Creative Works
The creative works of children are shared with an ever-widening spiral of readers and listeners in their communities and beyond. They are circulated in communities through wall magazines, booklets, broadsheets etc. The writings are released into the public domain through regular columns in reputed journals and as publications.