Goverment Schools

Engaging with prescribed texts
Since curriculum in schools is focused on prescribed textbooks, children are invited to engage with the texts in the language textbook by creating their own entry and take off points by which they can connect with their contexts and imaginations. Children are encouraged to absorb the given texts, and intervene in it with their own retellings through open-ended questions that allow for multiple answers to a question. Different media are explored for retelling texts and themes.  Children’s creative expressions are circulated in the school.

Plural Sites of Learning
While structures for learning are important, they also need to be opened up to ensure that learning does not remain confined to them. Plural sites of learning beyond the classroom, such as the corridors, walls, courtyard, and playgrounds are activated through events and acitivites. Mobile structures and platforms such as bioscope, machan are used to invite children to share their oral narratives and writing.

Neighbourhood as Resource
To enrich teaching-learning experiences, we attempt to connect the school with the skills and craft of neighbourhood work. The artisans, the self employed and the technicians from the locality are presented as practitioners who have knowledge to share with school students.

Bachelor of Elementary Education Department, Delhi University
Ankur takes the colloquia on ‘Story telling and children’s literature’ with students of Bachelor of Elementary Education. The sessions aim to communicate that the role of storytelling and children’s literature is not just to develop reading-listening skills but to promote agency within the learner while they are listening and reading. Active listening and active reading involves encouraging learners to make meaning. To help learners go through such a process, the teacher trainees go through the processes themselves.  Some of the themes include what is children’s literature, children as authors, drawing upon children’s literature as a resource in class-room,