A Collective of Readers and Writers
Library is a space where children and young people are not passive but active readers. They choose their own entry and take off points from the text they read. Reading books, needs to be in conversation mode rather than lecture mode. It is this practice that enables both readers and writers to emerge from the library. Interactions with writers, journalists, researchers help the children to hone their writings.

Circulating Creative Works
The library witnesses the emergence of writers. The choice of subjects here is often very eclectic, as the writing often flows out of the books being read. These creative works are circulated to an ever-widening spiral of readers and listeners through wall magazines, booklets, compendiums.

Building reading sites
Public reading spaces in the locality are activated through the library by offering newer reading materials. These could be tea shops, barber shops, clinics and bus-stands where people read. There is experimentation with creating new sites of reading in weekly markets, buses and bazaars.The library itself is opened up as a shared public space for the community to engage in reading and contemplation.