Mohalla Media Lab

Narratives of ordinary lives
The youth of mohalla media lab bring out the narratives of people of their locality, through research using texts, sounds and images. The themes include – listening practices in their locality, life of daily wage laborer, jugaad, intellectual life of the community etc. Locality residents, urban scholars, educationists, software programmers, writers and artists are invited to engage with the content being produced.

Experimentation with media
They explore and experiment with media and technology. They learn about photography, HTML, animations, audio-video recording, editing and media forms. Their outputs include blogs, wall writings, broadsheets, audio productions, animations, performance, etc. that are shared in the community and other contexts.

 Catalysing the cultural life of the locality

Mohall media lab brings a wider community of young people and adults in the ambit of its practice.Youth are invited to do small projects at the lab. Story telling performances, exhibitions, recitals, presentations are hosted by the lab inviting different publics of the locality for an exchange.