Children and young people of the collectives through their creative practice emerge as authors with unique stories to tell. They have a confident voice and can project it to a wide audience, moving from the locality to the city and beyond. Their creative works are one of the most powerful ways to provoke a rethinking of urban margins. These works are also a powerful resource for dialogue with teachers, educationists, facilitators, development professionals, researchers. 

Children and young people from Ankur collectives have contributed their writings to ‘First City’ magazine under the Bye-lanes column. Their writings being published regularly in the Ghuspaithiye column of  Hans literary magazine and in Chakmak, children’s science magazine under the column, Chashma Naya Hai.  They write for Youth ki Awaz, web portal as well. The writings of children have been published in a special issue of Akar, literary magazine.Their works have been published by mainstream publishers, Dastak by Yashoda Singh (Vaani Prakashan), Behroopiya Shehr ( Rajkamal Prakashan)  and several in-house publications.

This is a series of books produced from the contributions by children of Learning Collective, in the age group of 8 to 11 years. Storyseeds/Kathabeej represent the first works of children as authors. Creative works do not appear all at once in its final form. At first we can also get a glimpse of it.  For it to flower to its full potential it needs a discerning eye and patient, curious ears; and of course the complete conviction that children are also creators.