The legacy that Ankur is building is that of cultural and knowledge artefacts. This is demonstrated in the publications of anthologies and books, such as Behroopiya Shehr (2007), by Rajkamal Prakashan, it’s the English translation, Trickster City (Year), Penguin/Viking; Dastak (2012), Vani Prakashan, Akar Issue 37 (2013), a special issue of the literary journal edited by Priyamvad, self-published anthologies Galiyon Se/Bylanes (2002), and Chashma Naya Hai (2019).  The writings of Ankur practitioners have moved into the pages of magazines (Cycle, Chakmak, The Wire) and literary journals. Ankur’s practitioners have written for a regular column in the First City. At present, Ankur’s practitioners are maintaining a regular column entitled “Ghuspaithiye/Intruder” in Hans, a leading Hindi literary magazine. The aim is to build these published texts into a body of work that will shatter the image of marginalized people needing to be delivered occupational training and the opportunity to enhance language skills for communication as the only achievable objective.