Youth Programme

Young men and women from working class settlements learn to navigate the situations they encounter in their everyday lives. Ankur’s endeavour is to build spaces for interactions amongst youth that enhance self-learning and help build a critical, conceptual lexicon. The aim is that young people emerge as confident individuals who are rooted in their context, who can chart their own futures and create possibilities for their communities.

Young Women’s Collective (14-24 years)
research and practice
Young women lead busy lives, immersed in engagements at home and the world. Hidden in these broad contours is the desire to create their own worlds. The young women’s collective provides contexts to strengthen peer networks, and facilitate creative practice. It builds a culture of sharing and listening that helps generate critical and emphatic accounts of the self and contexts. In the process it builds self-respect, articulation and assertiveness that radiate in their social relations. Read more

Mohalla Media Labs (14-24 years)
locality in digital practice
Developments in the field of information and communication technology have introduced digital media in the lives of people.  The Mohalla media lab is an experimental media lab where youth cultivate writing and ethnography skills combined with digital practice. This is done through sustained engagements with their locality. Their expressions are shared in the public domain through a variety of media forms. Read more