Young Women’s Collective

Articulating their stories
Young women find a space to share their stories of everyday lives and the key incident and markers of their lives. They reflect upon their dreams, desires, pressures and choices. Different practices and media such as cinema, literature and excursions are drawn upon to facilitate their exploration and expression.

Researching lives of women
Young women enter into a dialogue with  the lives of other women in their locality through research on themes such as ‘tales hidden in family albums, ‘savings’, ‘making a home in the city’ ‘strong women of the locality’, ‘shared spaces’ etc. All these create a ground for critical reflection on gender.

Exploring work opportunities
The young women of the collective engage in interactions with young women in their neighbourhoods who have taken on the livelihood opportunities in the city. They find out about their everyday routines, work contexts, challenges, networks etc. This prepares them to look at work possibilities beyond the limited roles laid out for them. Through shared narratives, they learn about issues related to the job opportunities in the emerging economy, skill requirements, issues of power and sexual difference in the job market etc.

Circulation of writings
The writings of the young women collectives have a texture that reflects their age and gender. The concerns expressed relate to their journeys at home, in their communities and the world outside. These writings are circulated amongst their peers, the community and varied contexts to provoke thinking around issues of gender. The writings  become a basis for discussion on alternative pedagogy for engaging with gender.